Day 0 – About this diary.

It’s all about my Europe trip, just giving friends and relatives a sense of what I’m doing and thinking, as well as some photos of course. 

Main happenings

January 2 – 19:
Bristol to Durres,  Albania via Caen, Lyon, Avignon, Bordighera, Pisa and and Ancona. Sometimes frantic train journeys on the way to Albania.

January 20 – Feb 21
Stay in Durres. Do very little for a while.

February 21 – 25
Cycle down the coast to Sarande where I have an apartment booked for a month. 

March 25:
Cycle down to Greece to catch the ferry to Italy and then on to Naples.

April 2:
Trains to Turin via Pisa. Stay for a month.

April 29:

Back to the UK.