January 13-14

What I didn’t say was that the train stopped at Ventimiglia  and I cycled around eight miles along the coast (mainly nice cyclepaths) to Bordighera. The airbnb was up a steep hill, then up half a dozen sets of steps, through a locked gate, finishing in a courtyard where I left my bike. I had […]

January 12

Time to leave Avignon and make a decision about where to go and how long to take. I could have just got on my bike and cycled slowly along the coast, taking in Cannes, Monaco, Nice, and so on. But, not only was it rather cold and damp, I really felt the need to get […]

January 7-11

My first proper experience of a small French town. Notable finds were the Pope’s palace, from which I had good views of the river and the bridge, the Irish pub and city walls. Otherwise, pretty much as I’d expected with a mixture of old and new. I didn’t feel like taking many photos – just […]

January 6

Train to Avignon was uneventful. Had a nice breakfast at the station as I was a bit early for check-in at the airbnb. When I got there, I found that it was really well equipped with my own coffee machine and fancy bathroom. This was a ‘live with the family’ style of airbnb; two young […]

January 5

January 5 Up early to cycle into Caen and catch train to Paris. Unpleasant cycling against the wind and rain and nearly missed the train. In Paris, I had 45 minutes to cycle across town to the other station for my connection to Lyon, when I had an airbnb booked. But it was a nightmare. […]

January 3

Tuesday, Jan 3rd. Didn’t want to get out of bed – it felt so good! Turned on the Google lady giving directions, which worked well. They say get there an hour and a half, or more, early, but it’s a LIE – nobody in sight. Eventually found someone who pointed me to a small bicycle […]

January 2

January 2 – train to Portsmouth Airbnb was a bit iffy I felt – through an open gate, down an alley between two buildings and there was the host urging me on. She was working, so in a rush. ‘Leave the bike out here – it’s quite safe’. This was not to be the first […]

About this diary

Day 0 – About this diary. It’s all about my Europe trip, just giving friends and relatives a sense of what I’m doing and thinking, as well as some photos of course.  Main happenings January 2 – 19: Bristol to Durres,  Albania via Caen, Lyon, Avignon, Bordighera, Pisa and and Ancona.  January 20 – ? […]