Tuesday, Jan 3rd. Didn’t want to get out of bed – it felt so good! Turned on the Google lady giving directions, which worked well. Direct Ferries said I should get there an hour and a half, or more, before the ferry leaves, but it’s a LIE – nobody in sight – deserted. Eventually found someone who pointed me to a small bicycle shed. “You’ll find some bikes in there,” the helpful man said. I waited there for around 45 minutes before another guy, looking rather bored, took pity on me and ushered me on board. I was the only cyclist. In fact I was the only person on board for half an hour, so I wandered around the decks, which was a bit weird. Had a bite of breakfast when the cafe opened and sat down to read ‘Lives of the Artists’ by Vasari.

Uneventful crossing, but it was cold, wet and windy in France. I cycled against the wind for nearly an hour to my airbnb, which was in a small town called Benouville, half-way between the ferry port and Caen. The airbnb was quite posh and the host was friendly, although he spoke little English. I stayed for two nights but didn’t see him after the introduction.