January 5.

Up early to cycle into Caen and catch the train to Paris. My plan was to catch a second train to Lyon after cycling across Paris from station to station. I nearly missed the train in Caen because I couldn’t find an entrance to the station, and it was wet and windy which slowed me down. In Paris, I had nearly 90 minutes to cycle across town to the other station for my connection to Lyon, where I had an airbnb booked. But it was a nightmare. The lady from Google was no help, and I couldn’t hear her against the traffic noise anyway. I eventually found the station and by the time I’d got on board and sat down, the train started off. Another couple of minutes and I would have missed it. My airbnb was a few miles out of Lyon and the Google lady sent me down a blind ally. At last I got there and found a terrific little modern apartment in a converted garden shed behind the host’s house. So a nice end to the day. Didn’t take any photos.