February 28 – aftermath

My journey from Vlore to Saranda was a bit of a challenge. Physically, I seem to have come out of it remarkably well, which is encouraging. But it left me wondering if I ever wanted to do another long bike journey. I’ve always identified myself as being a bike person, and I was thinking whether that would end. Now I’m clearer about my physical and mental limits and will make better decisions about what I take on. I may, or may not, go to the alps. I may decide to do something quite different, like visit the major art and photo galleries around Europe instead. I have three weeks here in Saranda to let those thoughts gel. Saranda seems to be a bit boring – I may even leave early. I do miss museums, art galleries and other cultural stuff – there’s almost nothing here. So, I’ll enjoy the good weather and cheap rent for a while before moving on. No photos this time – I’ll do a bit of exploring over the next few days.