March 25 – To Napoli

Easy ferry crossing took 7 hours to Brindisi. There I had a nice airbnb and in the morning four trains to Napoli (to make bike carrying easier than on the high-speed trains). I didn’t have accommodation booked, so I went to tourist information at the station and they found me a hotel nearby that they said was cheap and decent. 500 euros for 6 nights – yikes. Apparently it was the last room they had, and I wasn’t surprised. The furniture was broken or damaged, curtains falling off, not good. The manager was not around, so I went back to the information place and told them. They obviously called the hotel becuase in the morning, they moved me to a nicer room. Pictures in next post.

In the morning I went to the local church, which didn’t seem too impressive until I went inside. Photos should speak for themselves!

View from Hotel