January 13-14

January 13-14On the first evening, looking out of the common room window, there was an extraordinary sunset (see photo). So many differently coloured layers. I’ve never seen anything like it. I spent a couple of full days in Bordighera, which I liked a lot. It’s the town where Monet came with Renoir and found inspiration. […]

January 12

January 12.Time to leave Avignon and make a decision about where to go and how long to take. I could have just got on my bike and cycled slowly along the coast, taking in Cannes, Monaco, Nice, and so on. This was my original plan, but, not only was it rather cold and damp, I […]

January 7-11

January 7-11My first proper experience of a small French city. I basically wandered around pretty aimlessly. Notable places included the Pope’s palace, from which I had good views of the river and the famous bridge, the Irish pub and city walls. Otherwise, pretty much as I’d expected with a mixture of old and new. I […]

January 6

January 6.No problems catching the train this time. The journey was pleasant, especially along the banks of the Rhone river and coming into Avignon. I had a nice breakfast at the station as I was a bit early for check-in at the airbnb. When I got there, I was greeted by Camelia and her greyhound. […]

January 5

January 5. Up early to cycle into Caen and catch the train to Paris. My plan was to catch a second train to Lyon after cycling across Paris from station to station. I nearly missed the train in Caen because I couldn’t find an entrance to the station, and it was wet and windy which […]

January 3

Tuesday, Jan 3rd. Didn’t want to get out of bed – it felt so good! Turned on the Google lady giving directions, which worked well. Direct Ferries said I should get there an hour and a half, or more, before the ferry leaves, but it’s a LIE – nobody in sight – deserted. Eventually found […]

January 2

January 2 – train to Portsmouth Off we go! Easy train ride and straight to my airbnb. It was a bit strange – through an open gate, down an alley between two buildings and there was the host urging me on. She was working, so in a rush. ‘Leave the bike out here – it’s […]

About this diary

Day 0 – About this diary. It’s all about my Europe trip, just giving friends and relatives a sense of what I’m doing and thinking, as well as some photos of course.  Main happenings January 2 – 19: Bristol to Durres,  Albania via Caen, Lyon, Avignon, Bordighera, Pisa and and Ancona. Sometimes frantic train journeys […]